Our Values

Our Values

We value professionalism

Our staff and volunteers are trained to act with utmost professionalism. We have taught our staff and volunteers to always work with integrity, provide quality service, and be reliable and responsible. We treat everyone with respect, love, and dignity and offer faithful service to humanity.

We are committed to the poor.

Our highest calling is to serve the homeless, people in greatest need of shelter and food, by relieving their suffering and giving hope to the downtrodden in despair. We offer a helping hand to people fleeing war, conflict, famine, and drought without hope for the future by providing a temporary refuge. We offer the much-needed support for them to begin a new life and decide their destiny, to look into the future with optimism.

We are Responsive

African Friends Shelter will always act timely, responsively, and precisely to the life-threatening emergencies facing the homeless poor in Ethiopia. We are aware and alive to the fact that something has to be done just in time to save a situation.

We are responsive to new and unusual eventualities. We encourage proactivity, creativity, and flexibility. We maintain an attitude of learning, reflection, and discovery to grow in understanding and skill and better serve the homeless with dedication.

We are Accountable

At African Friends Shelter, we strive to honor our commitments and hold ourselves accountable for providing the highest quality humanitarian services to the homeless in Ethiopia. We are partners with the poor and donors, with each of us playing a role; in this regard, we accept the obligation of joint participation, shared goals, and mutual accountability that true partnership requires. We are accountable to each of our stakeholders as we deliver to the best of our ability.

We are Impactful

At African Friends Shelter, we seek to promote the transformation of the condition of life for the homeless in Ethiopia. We believe that every human being should live life to its fullness, and we take this challenge to provide opportunities for empowerment to the homeless. We consistently develop innovative ways of helping them attain sustainable livelihoods.

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